DHA Quetta introduces a file transfer policy for Early Bird Commercial Ballot Winners.

DHA Quetta introduces a file transfer policy for Early Bird Commercial Ballot Winners.

The management of DHA Quetta shared the transfer process for the winner of the Early Bird Commercial-2023’s most recent Ballot. This is amazing news for investors who have been waiting to claim commercial plots in one of the most popular housing projects of DHA.

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DHA Quetta Early Bird Transfer Process – Step by Step.

The transfer process is designed very simply for your ease and allows winners to transfer their plots easily:

  • You must contact the DHA Quetta Transfer Office to obtain an Affidavit of Undertaking as the first step in the transfer process.
  • This affidavit confirms that the plot is being transferred voluntarily and there are currently no pending dues or financial issues.
  • The Transfer Application Form is accessible at the DHA Quetta Transfer Office, you will then need to fill it out like Name, address and CNIC number is the basic information that must provide on the form the transferee.
  • The transfer fee of the plot must be paid by the transferee after the transfer form is submitted.
  • The transfer process begins when the fee is paid and the transferee will be notified when complete.

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Note: The transfer process must be completed within 6 months of the balloting date. If the transfer is not completed within this time, the plot will be canceled and the transfer fee will not be refunded.


The DHA Quetta Early Bird Commercials transfer process is an action that helps buyers and sellers work together. Early Bird Commercial transfers will be available a few days after balloting. The process is so simple that customers can complete it without issue.


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