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RED Real Estate File/Plot Sheet

( LDA City Lahore Jinnah Sector Phase 1 File Prices )

LDA City Lahore Phase-1 Jinnah Sector (5-marla)29.50 LacCH Kashif Imtiaz 03024177723
LDA City Lahore Phase-1 Jinnah Sector (10-marla)41.00 LacCH Kashif Imtiaz 03024177723
LDA City Lahore Phase-1 Jinnah Sector (1-Kanal)61.00 LacCH Kashif Imtiaz 03024177723
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( LDA City Lahore Phase 1 & 2 Plots For Sale (code Your Plots For Best Rates) )

LDA City is the latest feather in the cap of Lahore Development Authority when it comes to housing projects in the succession of projects like Allama Iqbal Town, Faisal Town, Johar Town, Gulberg Town and Garden Town. In short, all these international class societies consist of High-Quality Development standards. These all successful projects are still known as best societies of Lahore providing a good living standard to its residents. Now Lahore Development Authority has presented another large scale and luxury housing project named as LDA City Lahore.

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It will be the most modern and beautiful housing plan in Lahore, Consists of 58,000 Kanal land area

Project Details

LDA City Lahore is the Largest Housing Project of the Punjab Province. With all the necessities of life, LDA CITY is going to provide an elegant and modern lifestyle to its residents. Besides this mega housing project spread over 58,000 Kanal and will provide housing facilities to 40,000 families. This grand society consists of five sectors. These sectors are Sector 1, Sector 2, Sector 3, Sector 4, and Sector 5.  They are featuring the best residential plots of 5 Marla, 10 Marla, 1 Kanal, and 2 Kanal at the best prices. Having Prime location and close proximity to all important points of the city such as Metro Bus Station, Ferozpur Road and direct closest access from Ring Road Lahore. LDA CITY is going to be the most attractive residential project of Lahore for years to come. The Society has also been provided with a direct link from Kahna Flyover.

It is the largest housing project of the punjab province. Which will provide housing facilities to 40,000 families.

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LDA City Lahore Location

It is located at main Ferozpur Road, with Lahore Ring Road parting through the project. While entrances are planned on Ferozpur Road, across Hudiara Drain short of Kahna (Gateway 1) and along Butcher Khana Distributary Canal near Kahna (Gateway 2). However, The boundary of LDA City meets Ferozpur Road on South and  Defense road on its North.

LDA City Lahore Balloting Result 2019 | Balloting Date 2019

A Great News For Investor and LDA City File Holder, Who had been waiting for many years. Hence, the balloting date has announced by LDA DG Director. However, the balloting will be held on 30th November 2019 as per News Channel reports.

LDA City Lahore Balloting Date 2021

According to news, the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has decided to hold a third ballot for LDA City files on September 4, 2021, to allocate plot numbers to file owners. Authorities have decided to include only file holders who have received an LDA exemption letter.

LDA City Lahore Phase 1  Jinnah Sector

In LDA Phase 1 has total  11,397 plots that are spread over a large area of  5,871 Kanals land. Further, there are 85 plots of 2 Kanal, 2288 plots of 1 Kanal, 4231 plots of 10 Marla and 4783 plots of 5 Marla. In this video, we are sharing the complete block-wise rates for your ease

Why Investment in LDA City

  • A project approved by LDA City.
  • State-of-the-art town planning.
  • Equipped with all modern amenities
  • Prime location & easy access.
  • Close proximity societies such as DHA Rahabr, Lake City, Central Park.
  • Opposite to DHA, Phase 9 or Phase 10.
  • It is ideally located on Main Ferozpur Road.
  • A Direct Approach to from Defence Road, Lahore Ring Road, Main Ferozpur Road.
  • It offers different size plots on low prices as compared to surrounding societies.
  • We highly recommend you to invest in LDA City, Because it is the right time. After balloting plot prices will be the rise
  • Expect 20-25% price rise over the next years.

LDA City Lahore Possession Date

Currently, the official possession date of  LDA City Lahore is not yet disclosed. However, it will expect the possession of plots in some blocks will be available soon.

Development Status of  LDA City Phase 1 2019

It will develop this project through a public-private partnership and for the same purpose, through a transparent process five development partners would invest in this project under an agreement with LDA. While LDA has authorized all its five partners for the acquisition of land in selected areas. Hence in this regard, an agreement was signed on September 28, 2013, between LDA and its development partners whereby it was agreed that development partners will be authorized and will be a shareholder in the project.

Salient Features

  • 300 Kanal Theme Parks
  • 24/7 Security System
  • 280 Kanal Sports Complex
  • 300 Feet Main Boulevard
  • 300 and 150 ft.  Carpeted Roads
  • Underground Systems of Electricity
  • Healthcare Centers
  • Elite Educational Institutes
  • Grand Mosque
  • Lush Green Parks
  • Lavish Shopping Malls
  • Cricket Stadium
  • Grid Station
  •  Mini-Zoo and 18-Hole Golf Course

LDA City Development Charges

Quarter 5 Marla 10 Marla 1-Kanal 2 Kanal
1st 50,000 86,250 143,750 287,500
2nd 50,000 86,250 143,750 287,500
3rd 50,000 86,250 143,750 287,500
4th 50,000 86,250 143,750 287,500
5th 50,000 86,250 143,750 287,500
6th 50,000 86,250 143,750 287,500
7th 50,000 86,250 143,750 287,500
8th 50,000 86,250 143,750 287,500
Grand Total 400,000 690,000 1,150,000 2 ,300,000

Final Verdict

LDA City is a massive project with massive potential. Being on main Ferozpur Road and Ring Road Lahore passing through it, the project has a peculiar edge with regards to location. Future prospects are extremely high and it is by far the best investment considering value for money right in the heart of Lahore. The project’s location is going to be the next central location in the coming 10 years or so. It’s a perfect investment opportunity and when the project’s completed it is going to be one of the best housing societies of Lahore if not the best.

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Your Next Investment Opportunity: LDA City Lahore’s Blocks D, E, and J! (Latest Update: 2024)

Thinking about investing in Lahore’s real estate? Your search ends with LDA City Lahore, particularly Blocks D, E, and J! Marking its spot as Pakistan’s massive residential project, LDA City Lahore is where your investment dreams can come true.

Progress in Construction and Possession:

  • We’re thrilled to announce that construction in Block F has begun, and property possession is now available
  • Good news for prospective owners of Blocks D, E, and J: They’re targeting to announce their possession by the end of 2024.
  • Rest assured, progress is moving swiftly across all these blocks.

Discover Our Prime Locations:

  • Block J: Positioned to the right of Cheenab Road, features superior infrastructure and amenities.
  • Blocks D & E: Located on the left side of Cheenab Road, currently undergoing developments for contemporary amenities.

Opportunity Knocks!

  • Upcoming possession announcements are expected to cause increased interest in these blocks.
  • Seize the opportunity to purchase your plot at an attractive rate now, aiming for significant gains ahead.

Final Words:

Investing in LDA City Lahore, specifically in Blocks D, E, and J, could be a golden opportunity for you. Grab the chance to join this first-class mega community!

Please Note:

This content is meant purely for learning. Always double-check the facts before making any investment.

Explore LDA City, Lahore, Block C: Your 2024 Update

Are you considering building your ideal home in Lahore? Look no further than Block C in LDA City. This blog post, updated for March 2nd, 2024, will guide you through the latest happenings, and the quality of life you can expect. Keep reading to make a well-informed choice about your future home.

Progress Update on Block C:

  • Improved Road Access: Take a look at the recent construction achievements with the linear canal road and Chinab Road expansions, ensuring seamless entry from the 60-foot prime road.
  • New Gateways: Check out the newly introduced entryways along the main 60-foot road, which are now accessible thanks to the construction of the linear canal and Chinab Road.

Discover what makes Block C stand out:

  • Top-notch Security: Feel completely safe! Every corner of Sector Phase 1, including Block C, is now securely enclosed.
  • Well-Planned Layout: Enjoy the clarity and beauty of our space, with every plot clearly marked, roads neatly painted, and greenery all around.
  • Exciting Commercial Spaces: Get ready for vibrant shopping and business areas within Block C, all coming to life with nearly finished facilities.

Location and accessibility of Block C:

  • Optimal Location: Positioned, surrounded by Blocks B and D directly to the west, and the clever merge of the B, D, and C blocks at an essential crossroads.
  • Stunning View: The strategic location near the Y road ensures residents can appreciate remarkable scenic views.


Discover Your Ideal Home in LDA City Lahore’s F Block (March 2024)

Ready to find your perfect home or make a profitable investment? F Block in LDA City Lahore is the place to be!

Here’s why it’s an attractive choice:

  • Rapid Development: The construction of new pathways linking Neelam and Chinnaab roads is nearing completion, significantly easing the commute within F Block and facilitating access to surrounding regions.
  • Create Your Ideal Home: Selecting the ideal location for your new home is effortless with our clearly outlined plots. Not only does this opportunity come with the appeal of simplicity, but it’s also easy on your budget, with prices ranging from 28 to 35 lakh. Your pathway to owning the perfect home is just a decision away.
  • Security and Ease: Have peace of mind with F Block’s enhanced security measures and enclosed perimeter. Its bustling market area ensures all your daily essentials are conveniently within reach.
  • Brighten Your Tomorrow: Experience dependable power thanks to the new underground grid station, given the green light by LESCO. Get ready for an energy-rich future!
  • Improved Accessibility: New roadways, such as the routes through Hunza and Neelam, are set to enhance transportation networks significantly. The road through Hunza will facilitate connectivity among pivotal locales, whereas the pathway via Neelam will provide a seamless conduit to prominent destinations.
  • Smart Investment Choices: Plots located along Chinnaab and Neelam roads, priced between 50 to 75 lakh, offer excellent prospects for investors. Their strategic position and the surrounding area’s developmental activities make them an attractive option.
  • Ready for a quick move? Fast-paced development means possession in F Block in just a month.
  • Luxury Within Reach: LDA City brings you high-end living without the high costs, setting us apart as your top choice.


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