DHA Quetta administration has announced an Early Bird Balloting date

DHA Quetta administration has announced an Early Bird Balloting date

DHA Quetta Administration has announced the Balloting dates for Early birds (consisting of 1-Kanal plots in sector A) and 5-Marla Marketing files on their official Facebook page.

The announcement comes after a teaser that invited members to propose a balloting date through the authorities’ social media accounts. As per this post, early bird and 5 mara marketing file location balloting will take place on March 30th. Balloting dates for 1-Kanal allocation files have not yet been announced.

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Early Bird Balloting Date Announced

The location balloting of Early Bird and 5 Marla Marketing files will take place on March 30, 2022. A limited number of allocation files will include in the upcoming first ballot. Without a doubt, the upcoming balloting at DHA Quetta is the most awaited ballot. After that, the file will be assigned to a plot with the appropriate positions and numbers. File balloting is always important, especially in the DHA projects. A large number, of buying and selling, happen before and after that.

Impact on File prices After Announcement

On the day of the announcement of the ballot, we saw a huge jump in file prices. However, this price will increase further once the balloting results are announced. However, investment in DHA Quetta is always a good choice. Because of their current prices and top-notch location ensuring high future returns. In addition, investment point of view, now buying a file is still an excellent choice. Moreover, it ensures a high return on investment. Whether you are looking for a short-term or long-term purpose.

Location of Early Bird Block

Beautifully located at a top-notch location in DHA Quetta. However, the location of this block is just after the main gate of this society. Moreover, the development work in this block is going on at a fast pace. In a very short span of time, a lot of development work has already done. As per the latest update, Early Bird development work was enough for the location plot ballot. However, these developments will have a positive impact on prices. As development work increases, the price will rise.

Before proceeding with a purchase, token money, stamp signing, or transfer process, dealers and buyers interested to be a part of an upcoming ballot of allocation files should verify the inclusion status of files in the ballot.

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At a related event, the DHA Quetta administration announced a 50% reduction in registration fees for new real estate sellers. This offer is available on a first-come, first-served basis through March 5th.

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