Expansion Metro Rail Links to Revolutionize UAE’s Real Estate

Expansion Metro Rail Links to Revolutionize UAE’s Real Estate

The expansion of the Etihad Rail Link and the Dubai Metro are game-changing developments that will revolutionize real estate in the UAE. According to experts, this could be a major incentive for economic growth, which would raise demand for commercial and industrial properties in the coming years and boost residential unit supply. Read More: Dubai’s […]

Dubai Property Price Trends in 2024

A slowdown in prices could have an impact on Dubai’s property market, according to a new analysis. It will probably cool down next year (2024). According to forecasts released by S&P Global, the industry is expected to grow by 5–7% in the coming years. “Major market disruption is not something we expect,” analysts Sapna Jagtiani […]

Dubai’s Stable Real Estate Market Attracts Pakistani Investors

The real estate sector in Dubai is growing day by day, and its stable real estate market is attracting Pakistani investors. “Dubai has always been an attractive place for Pakistanis to invest because of its strategic location and stability,” said Faisal Karim, Sales Director at DAMAC Properties. According to sources, Betterhomes‘ Dubai Residential Property Market […]

Mortgage financing increased 44% during the third quarter

Mortgage financing increased by up to 44% during the third quarter of this year, highlighting the strength of Dubai’s real estate industry. According to a report by BetterHomes, the maturity of Dubai real estate is due to new buyers entering the market. It is reported that the percentage of buyers also increased from 45% to […]

Residential rents rise by 46% in popular areas of Dubai

Residential rents have risen by up to 46% in popular areas across Dubai, driven by high demand from residents for luxury homes in the city, where developers offer ample space and comfort. This rent increase was found to be a 40% increase in the third quarter of this year compared to the same period last […]

Top Benefits of Buying Property in Dubai

Dubai has emerged as a top destination for real estate investments. Dubai’s wealth is largely influenced by its strategic location midway between East and West. The desert city is now a sparkling downtown designed with smart infrastructure, contemporary architecture, luxurious housing projects, and commercial areas. As per the experts, Dubai’s real estate sector is expected […]

Dubai’s economy grow 2.8 percent to Dh111.3 billion 2023

The Dubai economy recorded 111.3 billion dirhams in the first half of 2023, up 2.8 percent year-on-year, with growth in all large sectors, including transport, storage, finance, and insurance. The economic growth rate last year was 4.4%. The goal of the ‘D33’ plan of the Dubai Economic Agenda is to become one of the world’s […]

Dubai Property Highest Price Expected to Jump in 2023

According to Dubai-based Realistes research report on AI-driven markets, the city’s real estate sector is expected to experience further growth in the upcoming April-June quarter. A significant increase in international investors raises expectations for high growth in the UAE economy. As per the report, this activity is the primary factor and the expected price increase […]