Dubai Property Highest Price Expected to Jump in 2023

Dubai Property Highest Price Expected to Jump in 2023

According to Dubai-based Realistes research report on AI-driven markets, the city’s real estate sector is expected to experience further growth in the upcoming April-June quarter. A significant increase in international investors raises expectations for high growth in the UAE economy. As per the report, this activity is the primary factor and the expected price increase […]

Dubai Launches New Electronic-Services Aiming To Modernize Real Estate Governance Processes

The DLD (Dubai Land Department) has introduced Madmoun, a new electronic service to validate real estate advertisements. Madmoun aims to modernize real estate governance processes and increase investor confidence. DLD has issued a circular confirming the implementation of the newly launched electronic services. DLD customers can scan the code and get a brief look  at […]

Residents Demand Larger Homes in Dubai.

As per ZaZEN Properties, more than 80% of Dubai residents are looking for properties with affordable rent, outdoor space, multiple rooms, and large outdoor spaces. As per the report published by real estate company ZaZEN Properties, In which they claim the demand for luxury villas and townhouses in Dubai is growing, especially among the upper […]