LDA Curbs Ordinance Violations in Private Housing Schemes

LDA Curbs Ordinance Violations in Private Housing Schemes

As per the latest news reports, the LDA (Lahore Development Authority) has established a working group to investigate the rise in building ordinance violations. Other rules and regulations are also being disregarded within the private housing communities of LDA jurisdictions.

The LDA DG announced the composition of each group as set out in a notice delivered on 2oth, March, 2023.

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The Working Group recommends and analyzes changes in regulation and prevailing law. There will also be a particular focus on the legitimacy of the DEM (PHS) for strengthening enforcement mechanisms. The execution and overall monitoring of the illegal housing scheme will be evaluated by the group.

To address the problem of overselling by developers, the group will propose a regulatory framework. Likewise, a system for managing and monitoring developed housing societies in the post-development stage will be presented. The group reviews the high-rise building management structure and recommends resident-friendly management rules.

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The assembled group will also seek feedback from ABAD, private housing associations and experts before submitting their report within a week.

According to the report, the group should make recommendations to improve the existing enforcement system. The strategy also proposed ensuring equitable management of high-rise and existing housing communities.

The working group also consists of the Chief Legal Advisor, DG (Housing) Convenor, Director of Law (High Court), Director of Master Planning, Director of DG Headquarters, Chief Metropolitan Officer and Chief Town Planner.

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