Investment Prospect In Phase 8, DHA Lahore Plots

Investment Prospect In Phase 8, DHA Lahore Plots

Prospect Of Investing In Phase 8, DHA Lahore Plots

DHA Lahore is one of the best developers in Pakistan. It has delivered great projects in real estate. Phase 8, DHA is one of the superior phases. Since the Government has announced its construction relief package its importance has increased largely. The reason why it is getting more attention is that phase 8, DHA is an excellent option for both investments & build a house. In short, here is some point which will explain the value of phase 8:

Phase 8, DHA is an innovative and modern phase with the state of the art town planning. It consists of 4 unique sectors:

  • DHA Phase 8 Ex -Park View (Developed & under possession)
  • DHA Phase 8 Ex-Air Avenue (Developed & under possession)
  • Phase 8 Proper (Developed & under possession including S,T,U,V,W,X & Y blocks)
  • DHA Phase 8 Z Ivy green (Under development & possession expected in 2021)


Phase 8 DHA Lahore  Proper consists of various Blocks i.e (S, T, U, V, W, X & Y) which are developed completely. The development and town planning of phase 8 is different from all older Phases. It offers a safe and healthy living with modern town planning and high-class theme parks. The price of the phase 8 plot is logically high because of its excellent location.

Right now, Phase 8 Commercial Broadway is the largest commercial area across DHA. Well, planned CCA 1 and CCA 2 make phase 8 excellent option for commercial investment in DHA Lahore.


Prime location, Phase 8  is located right in front of Allama Iqbal international airport Lahore. It is surrounded developed societies like DHA Phase 8 (Ex Park View and Air Avenue ) and Eden city on its North-west, DHA Phase 6 in its South-east, DHA Phase 5  on its south-west, Divine, KB colony, Eden houses, DHA Phase 1 and 2 on its south.

The commercial area of Phase 8, DHA has also given its prime location. However, Phase 8 Commercial Broadway is located right near to the ring road and makes it easily accessible. Its location is very beneficial for commercial areas.


DHA Phase 8 has an excellent location &  direct approach from the ring road, airport road, Barki Road, Bhatta Chowk or Phase 1 approach, Phase 6 DHA Lahore approach, making it one of the easiest blocks to approach from other phases and around Lahore.

Town planning

Phase 8, DHA Lahore has modern town planning, green ballet, wide roads, top-notch amenities, beautiful theme parks,  standards of construction and separate commercial areas make it different from other phases.

Easily Buy Able

Phase 8 hit high attention before possession and the price is about 4-6 million higher than it is today. Phase 8 has lost a lot in terms of price in PKR and even more in terms of USD.  Currently, The average plots price in Phase 8, DHA Lahore is in between  20 to 22 Million PKR.  However, the current market rate is very much in favor of DHA Phase 8 as the main area of investment.

Areas you can invest?

If you are looking for a place to invest than the following areas can be recommended:

  • Residential possession plots In Phase 8, DHA Lahore proper which includes blocks S, T, U, V, W.X & Y
  • Commercial possession plots in Phase 8, Broadway commercial.
  • Commercial possession plots in CCA 1 and CCA 2 of Phase 8, DHA Lahore.
  • Any plot in any category, which is not under possession should not invest here.


Phase 8 proper is good for investment with the best future prospect. If you have enough money you can invest in this phase that will give you better returns. You can invest in S, T, U, V, W, X & Y blocks in residential areas. However, it is preferable to stay in T, U, V & W blocks. X block is also gainful in the long term but probably may not perform as well as others in the current cycle.

For commercial plots, Broadway commercials Phase 8, B and C block are the best options. However, it is better to invest in a better location in A and D block. CCA 1 phase 8 proper and CCA 2 Phase 8 proper commercial plots may also gain some importance during this time period. You can also invest in these areas but the first preference should be Broadway commercial.

Take The First Step Towards The Right Direction

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