Park Lane City | A & B Possession | New Deal | Announcement | Latest Development Updates 2024

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  • February 4, 2024
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Assam Alaikum, today, after a long time, we are here with some developments in Park Lane City, Lahore. Some have happened with new updates. We made a video a long time ago in which I told you that Park Lane City possession is going to be announced very soon, and we will be in that month. Based on what the developers have promised to end users, we plan to have this available in late February or the first week of March. Even in the extension that came in sector B, where there was a booking of nine lakhs, there was also a booking of eight lakhs. We are also going to declare possession of those on-ground plots.

Latest Development Updates 2024

At this time, the update on the developments is that the total sewerage of block A has been completed. Block B sewerage is under process. It continues, and within the next week we will complete this as well. What will remain of our work are street polls and street signs. This is not such a big task, and we hope, inshallah, that our developers and our builders will complete it by the end of February. Our gate is almost fifty percent complete, and very soon, inshallah, our gate should also be completed in the next fifteen to twenty days.

New On-ground Deal 2024

For those who missed this opportunity, Today I have some good news for those who own on-ground plots in Park Lane City. In the month of March, as soon as A and B announce possession, we are going to give another on-ground deal. The purpose of on-ground plots is solely for the benefit of the customer. Make sure he owns what he received. Possession will be acquired within a very short time. Its price is not the cost of land, but there will be development charges only.

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