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Red Marketing & Real Estate ( Updated ) Files Sheet 10/5/2024

( DHA Lahore Phase 10 File Price )

DHA Lahore Phase 10 Affidavait ( 4 Marla ) Commercial159 LacCH Kashif Imtiaz 03024177723
DHA Lahore Phase 10 Allocation ( 5 Marla )Not AvailableCH Kashif Imtiaz 03024177723
DHA Lahore Phase 10 Affidavait( 5 Marla )31 LacCH Kashif Imtiaz 03024177723
DHA Lahore Phase 10 Allocation (10-Marla)53.50 LacCH Kashif Imtiaz 03024177723
DHA Lahore Phase 10 Affidavit (10-Marla)54 LacCH Kashif Imtiaz 03024177723
DHA Lahore Phase 10 Allocation (1-Kanal)95 LacCH Kashif Imtiaz 03024177723
DHA Lahore Phase 10 Affidavit (1-Kanal)103 LacCH Kashif Imtiaz 03024177723

The DHA Phase 9 extension has been renamed DHA Phase 10, and the expected location will be after the Phase 9 Prism in the direction of Qssoor, from Rohi Nala to the Sue-e-Asal connecting road, and from Bedian Road to Ferozpur Road. It will be the largest phase of  DHA Lahore.  Currently, 5 Marla, 10 Marla, and 1 Kanal residential files are available for sale in the market.  There are several proposed roads through Phase 10 from Bedian Road to Ferozpur Road and from Rohi Nala to Sue-e-Asal Link Road in the New Lahore Master Plan.

Note: The DHA Phase 10 transfer process for allocation is the same as DHA Phase 9. The DC rate and FBR rate are the same for Phase 9 and Phase 10.

Why DHA Phase 10 is a Smart Choice for Investors Right Now

We shed light on why it’s a smart move to consider DHA Phase 10 for your next investment:

  • A Market Reset: The recent economic shifts have led to more stable prices, making this the perfect time to jump in.
  • Growth potential: Ongoing developments and growing interest mean your investment could soon increase in value.
  • Exclusive availability: Compared to older, more expensive phases in DHA, Phase 10 offers a unique chance to buy at lower prices.

Seize this moment to invest smartly in a future filled with potential.

Considering an investment in DHA Lahore Phase 10 Files?

Are you searching for a reliable and exciting investment opportunity in DHA Lahore? Consider exploring the options in Phase 10 with RED Marketing, your go-to real estate specialist in Lahore. Get in touch at our platform for a friendly chat about how you can make safe investment choices.

Great News for Investors: Your Next Big Opportunity Awaits!

Get ready for an exciting chance in real estate with DHA Phase 10. If you’re looking for a safe and promising investment, this is it. We’re starting to release the initial files for this much-awaited project in the coming weeks of 2024. With large-scale developments on the prospect, now’s the time to get on board.

What’s happening in DHA Lahore Phase 10?

The progression of DHA Phase 10 is carefully structured to begin over the coming year, advancing through staged developments. This venture is planned in stages, planning with the launch of blocks A, B, and C, ensuring the construction is smooth and strategic.

Availability of Ballots and Developed Plots

The timeline for the ballot in DHA Lahore is expected to span 1 to 2 years, with a projection that it may take upwards of 5 years for fully developed plots to be on offer. This highlights the aspect of DHA Phase 10 being a long-term investment opportunity.

Simplifying Ownership in DHA Lahore: A Guide to File Types and Their Tax Impact

Navigating property ownership in DHA Lahore is the same task, with just two main types of documents: affidavits and allocation files. The initial transfer of the file involves an affidavit transfer, followed by allocation within 15 days. Later transfers used allocation files.

Why Choose DHA Lahore Phase 10 for Investing?

For those looking to make a profitable investment and save on taxes, affidavit files in DHA Lahore Phase 10 are a fantastic option. While they may cost a bit more upfront, the savings down the line are noteworthy. You’ll enjoy lower fees when it’s time to transfer ownership, and you won’t have to pay extra taxes like stamp duty, capital gains tax, or withholding tax. On the flip side, allocation files are cheaper to start with but end up costing more due to higher transfer fees. This makes investing in DHA Lahore Phase 10 both safe and financially potential. Whether you’re aiming for savings or simplicity, we’ve got options that cater to every need.

Safety and Ease:

DHA Lahore takes responsibility for the official transfer of both affidavit and allocation documents, providing a process that is both safe and clear in its proceedings. This process removes the necessity for investors from abroad to make a trip to Pakistan to complete their transactions, thus delivering extra convenience for global investors.

Explore your options in DHA Phase 10:

In DHA Phase 10, investors have the option to select from an assortment of plot sizes for both residential and commercial use, accommodating a broad range of preferences and requirements. Please be aware that the provided cost estimates are subject to change depending on the prevailing market dynamics. It is advisable to seek the expertise of a certified property advisor to ensure access to the latest pricing details and for professional advice.

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DHA Phase 10 Lahore Latest News

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