Australia Aims to Build World’s Tallest Wooden Building

Australia Aims to Build World’s Tallest Wooden Building

The world will witness new, marvelous developments. Australia plans to build the world’s tallest wooden building in one of its cities, Perth. The building will have 50 floors and feature a mix of concrete and wood hybrid designs. The design will be developed using 42% timber and 58% reinforced concrete. The Joint Development Assessment Panel recently approved plans to construct the world’s tallest wooden skyscraper.

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Australia is planning to develop the world’s tallest wooden building on Charles Street. The decided name of the hybrid wooden skyscraper is C6 Tower. It will have 50 stories, rise to a height of 191.2 meters (627 feet), and accommodate 200 residential apartments. The building will consist of 42% wood and the remaining 58% reinforced concrete.

Additionally, building C6 Tower will be Australia’s first carbon-negative residential structure and will have 7400 cubic meters of timber harvested from 600 trees across the Grange development. C6 Tower is one of the latest large-scale developments in the construction sector. It includes a rooftop garden, an urban farm, 80 fully electric Tesla Model 3 cars, and many exciting features available to residents.

Here is a list of the top 10 tallest wooden buildings in the world.

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