ABAD: UAE Real Estate Company Invests Billions in Pakistan

ABAD: UAE Real Estate Company Invests Billions in Pakistan

Real estate companies based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) are willing to invest billions of dollars in Pakistan, according to the Association of Building Developers of Pakistan (ABAD). “Pakistan has a housing shortage of 12 million homes, which is an opportunity for real estate investors,” said ABAD Chairman Asif Sumsum. The association claims that the delegation visited ABAD House under the leadership of Sardar Qaiser Hayat, Pakistan Government Advisor for Overseas Pakistanis in Gulf Countries.

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During the delegation’s visit, it was clear that these companies have the potential to bring billions of dollars of investment to Pakistan’s real estate industry. Several UAE-based Pakistani real estate companies participating in the visit include:

The UAE participating in this visit is as follows:

  • Habib Group
  • Mark Stone
  • Dubai’s ALMIR

Members of the delegation are:

  • Mr. Altaf Essa
  • Mr. Rohail Rahim
  • Mr. Rehan Khan
  • Miss Afshan Khan
  • Wasimyar Beig Mr.
  • Sami Sajid, Director, Habib Group
  • Sajid Siddiqui, Mr. Mark Stone
  • Hafeez Habibi, Chairman of Habibi Group
  • Karim Amir Ali, Chairman of Almir Real Estate Brokerage Dubai

Sardar Qaiser, while speaking at the conference, predicted that if real estate companies from the UAE invest in Pakistan’s construction sector, Pakistanis would benefit from residential facilities as per international standards. “Pakistan’s political and military leadership ensures the security of investments in Pakistan for Pakistanis living abroad,” he said.

The UAE-based company received assurances from Asif Sumsum that ABAD would offer complete support. “Increasing urbanization and population growth present the best opportunity for real estate companies in Pakistan’s construction industry,” he continued. At this event, Mr. Karim Amir Ali, Mr. Sami Sajid, and others gave speeches.

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