DHA Phase 13 Lahore File Prices and Location Update 2019

DHA Phase 13 Lahore File Prices and Location Update 2019 DHA City Lahore is Now another Phase of DHA Lahore. However, Management changed the name of the project to "DHA Phase 13 Lahore". It developed by DHA Lahore.  However, the development work completed within the time frame given by society. Possession of the plots has to be [...]

DHA City Lahore

DHA City Lahore Launch | Latest News | File Prices DHA City Lahore is another project of the DHA, in the Punjab Province. Offering state-of-the-art urban planning, all living facilities, leisure space, lush green parks, elite educational institutions and luxurious shopping malls. The plan includes thousands of developed plots for thousands of people, while the […]