DHA Phase 6 Map

The main entrance of DHA Phase 6 is from Ring Road Lahore, opposite to DHA Phase 5, Lahore which makes it accessible from previous phases. Allama Iqbal International Airport is just 10 minutes’ drive away. Unlike 120 ft main roads in earlier phases, its 150 ft main boulevard (MB) connects Ring Road with Barki Road. Across Main Boulevard, on the north side, it connects with DHA Phase 8 through three (3) 100ft or wider main roads. Across Bedian road, on the west side, and connected through a 150 ft road is DHA Phase 9 Town. DHA Phase 7 is located just behind this phase in a south-east direction. If we keep moving on MB towards Barki road, across Barki road. We will reach DHA Phase 8 Ivy Green (also known as Phase 8 Sector-Z). It is quite evident that DHA Phase 6 has the best place compared to all earlier phases.

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