DHA Lahore Phase 1

DHA Lahore Phase 1 is one of the first Projects of DHA. Location of Phase 1 being the prime location as it connects its inhabitants to Defence Chowkhase, Ghazi Road etc. DHA Phase 1 is completely developed and populated Where all living necessities are available. Phase 1 consists of various sectors i.e. Sector A, Sector B, Sector C and so on.
Phase 1 Map

DHA Lahore Phase 2

DHA Lahore Phase 2 consists of six highly developed sectors. Excellent location and close proximity to all amenities.
Located adjacent to Phase 1 facing Ghazi Road which is further connected to Bedian Road and then Lahore Ring Road. LUMS  University is located at its backside, Main Boulevard of DHA Lahore is also near to DHA Lahore Phase 2. DHA Phase 2 is a completely developed and populated area. Phase 2 consists of various sectors i.e. Sector P, Sector Q, Sector R and so on.

Phase 2 Map

DHA Lahore Phase 3

DHA Lahore Phase 3 is surely known for its rich living style. It is effectively accessible from Walton Road and
Ferozpur Road which makes ita perfect location for residents. Phase 3 covers a larger area than two earlier
Phases of DHA Lahore. Phase 3 contains on various Blocks name after letter sets i.e, Block W, Block X, Block XX,
Block Y, Block Z.

Phase 3 Map

DHA Lahore Phase 4

DHA Lahore Phase 4 is a residential area which gives the luxurious way of life to its inhabitants. A direct approach to Defense Road, Ring Road and Phase 5 makes it attractive for the residents. It is divided into various Sectors named Sector AA, Sector BB, Sector CC, Sector DD, Sector EE, Sector FF, Sector GG, Sector HH, Sector JJ. while Sui  Housing Society Phase 1 is located towards South-East of it.

Phase 4 Map

DHA Lahore Phase 5

DHA Lahore Phase 5 is one of the top-notch phases of DHA Lahore like DHA Phase 3. Prime location and close proximity to LUMS University, Bedian road, and Nawaz Shareef Interchange. DHA Lahore Phase 5 is considered one of the most expensive residential societies due to high-quality living standards and location. A direct approach Lahore Ring Road and Bedian Road.

Phase 5 Map

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