Lahore Smart City: Overseas Prime Development Progress

Lahore Smart City: Overseas Prime Development Progress

Discover the Lahore Smart City project! Examine Overseas Prime Sectors A & B, local construction efforts, commercial zones, and the potential for investments. Check it out for yourself to make well-informed choices!

Lahore Smart City: An In-Depth Look at Overseas Prime Development and Beyond (May 2024)

Are you thinking about investing in Lahore Smart City? You’ve come to the right place! This article offers an in-depth, on-site review of the project’s development, particularly highlighting the advances in Overseas Prime Sectors A & B and local construction efforts.

This article delves deeply into the current progress of Lahore Smart City’s Overseas Prime Sectors A and B and local construction initiatives. It provides valuable insights into commercial activities, infrastructure growth, and investment prospects in the area.

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Overseas Prime Development

Sector A

  • On-ground progress is nearly 85–90% finished.
  • Investment options are accessible with affordable pricing for 5-marla plots.
  • Linear Park Road is the boundary line between Sectors A and B.
  • Commercial projects featuring the Junior Steam School are in progress.

Sector B

  • Almost finished, with ongoing construction for both commercial and residential areas.
  • A fully operational mosque is positioned at the sector’s end.
  • The ‘Signature Villas’ project includes individual private residences.

Local Construction

  • Vast growth of residential properties in Sectors A and B.
  • Business activities along the 225-foot-wide ‘Commercial Avenue,’ featuring The Pavilion and the Special Children Academy.
  • Incubation Center and Administrative Office for Lahore Smart City.

Investment Opportunities

  • Competitive pricing with the potential for significant returns.
  • It is highly recommended for investment due to its promising ROI.
  • Ongoing development ensures confidence for prospective buyers.

Residential Home Construction

  • Residential homes are being built in various phases of completion.
  • Groups of villages and 1-kanal houses are currently under construction.


  • Functional mosques are available in both Sector A and Sector B.
  • Residents have access to parks and green areas.


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