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Sangar Housing Scheme is one of the top housing schemes in Gwadar, located at the top of Koh-e-Batil. It is a beautiful housing society because it is surrounded by three sides by the sea and offers you charming views. It was announced for the locals of Gwadar at the end of the late ’90s, but after the CPEC’s plan, recaptured the whole area and handed over some of it to the Pakistan navy, and the rest of the site is earmarked for Sanghar Housing Scheme

Koh-e-Buttal is a natural mixed mountain consisting of sand and rocks and is spread over 13 km. currently, it has the following:

  • Pakistan Navy installations
  • PC Gwadar
  • Singer Housing Scheme
  • Singer Housing Scheme

About the developers

The Sangar Housing Scheme is fully sponsored and financed by the Government of Balochistan. The project is being developed under the supervision of Deputy Commissioner Gwadar. The Consultant Group has assigned the responsibilities of its Consultant.

About Project

The Sanghar Housing Scheme covers an area of ​​about 2500 acres in Gwadar and is located at one of the best locations. The society is offering both residential and commercial properties. Development began in 1992 and continues to cover various phases and activities. The upcoming deep-sea port is being developed to meet housing needs. The plan includes all the necessary facilities besides accommodation such as. Community parks, playgrounds, shopping malls, schools, recreational areas, etc.

Location of Sangar 

This attractive housing society is located on Koh-Batal (Hammerhead), a natural mixed hill of sand and rocks. The mountain covers an area of ​​13 km. Moreover, the most striking feature of its ideal location is that the sea surrounds it. Along with this housing project, Pakistan Navy Base is also located. Also, the third-largest deep port, Gwadar Port, is located in its neighborhood.

Property in Singhar Housing Scheme Gwadar

The Singer Housing Scheme consists of 5 phases, Phase 1, 2 and 3 are residential and commercial plots, while Phase IV includes only commercial plots.

  • Phase I
  • Phase-II and Phase II ext
  • Phase-III
  • Phase-IV
  • Phase-V

So far Singhar Housing Gwadar has announced Phase 1 to IV and maps for the announced 4 phases are available with ballot plot numbers. Sanghar Housing Gwadar Plots are available in the following cuttings.

Plots for Sale in Singhar Housing Scheme Gwadar

  • 1000 yards (the majority of plots in Singer are 1000 yards)
  • 600 yards
  • 400 yards (Very few plots available and more petite than sales)
  • Commercial plots starting from 100 yards sector shop up to 5 acres.

Features that Makes it Best to Invest

  • The Singhar Housing Scheme is a government scheme and comes under the supervision of Gwadar DC.
  • It is ideally located and surrounded on three sides by the sea.
  • The famous Pearl Continental Hotel is already running in Phase 1 of this society.
  • Phase 1 is already given possession to the plot owner.
  • Plots near the PC Hotel are highly preferred for investment.
  • Property prices are low and development charges are also meager.
  • Phase 2 and Phase 3 are also ideal for buying residential plots at the best prices.
  • Phase 4 will soon become the region’s future commercial hub.
  • Your investment in the Safe, Secure and Cosmetic Housing Scheme will return you with attractive returns.


The main road for the Singer Housing Society is the 132-foot road that runs along the seafront. Further, The main road connecting the other side of the main road passes through all phases, the block is 66 feet road and the inner road is 33 feet. The main ring road has been completed, but the boulevard road is only partially under construction. Infrastructure needs a lot of development and society has a huge development budget. We have confirmed the news that Singhar Housing Scheme is seriously considering starting development soon.


Bye-law in Sanghar is very strict and is strictly followed. Commercials in Phase IV that fall into the H&R (Hotel & Resort) category may only be Ground + 1, and the height of other commercials is also limited to 3 or 4 floors.



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