LDA Proposed Kalma Chowk Underpass Extension, One-Way Flyover  

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28/03/2022 8:24 pm  

As per the reports, the LDA (Lahore Development Authority) has proposed to build a one-way flyover to provide access to the CBD. CBD turned to LDA for technical assistance to reach the district directly from Kalma Chowk.

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As per the information, LDA Engineering Wing's updated design and strategy will help save PKR 3 billion in construction costs. The Karma Chowk underpass expands in a V-shape and diverts traffic from the extension to the CBD.

The second section of the underpass starts at Firdous Market. Traffic from Firdous Market is diverted from the one-way flyover to Liberty. In this regard, Chief Executive Officer of CBD Imran Amin met LDA Director General Ahmad Aziz Tarar for a consultation. CBD may also to LDA representative to rebuild Kalma Chowk. The CBD makes the final decision on the execution of the LDA plan.

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