M M Alam Road is designated as pedestrian by the LDA.  

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21/03/2022 11:16 pm  

According to news released on 18th March 2022, Friday, the LDA (Lahore Development Authority) plans to make M M Alam Road pedestrian to minimize traffic, and improve public move freely.

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As per the details, the government has decided to adorn and repair several parts of Gulberg's MM Alam Road and Main Boulevard. LDA works with public and private sector experts to develop road designs. It turns out that the administration has several plans to change the area as per international standards.

In addition, LDA plans to remove encroachments, improve the building's exterior, enhance security, standardize signage, add benches, upgrade the sewer system, and install modern street lighting (LED). Gulberg Main Boulevard will be expanded as part of the plan.

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LDA plans to place seats in the center of the scene to help prevent air pollution, keeping people passing by in the area warm. The building owners there also approached LDA to help in that way. Owners were mentioned to keep the space before the structure after reconstruction.

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