Signed contract with WASA Lahore, China for smart water meter  

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18/03/2022 1:51 am  

As per the latest reports, on 15th March 20222, the WASA and a Chinese company signed an agreement to install smart water meters throughout the city. Over the next 10 years, Xiang Lahore Water Metering Company will replace all manual meters with 711,000 smart meters and provide service.

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It also plans to build a smart meter manufacturing plant in Lahore to create local jobs. The company will monitor water usage by replacing 93% of households and 7% of commercial water meters, according to Punjab Chief Minister (CM) Sardar Usman Buzdar, who attended the signing ceremony. The meter also eliminates manual readings and the WASA can record meter readings remotely. He also said similar projects will be planned in other major cities in the province.

Hasaan Khawar, Special Assistant to the Chief Minister (SACM), said there are currently projects totaling PKR 119 billion in progress across the state under the Public-Private Partnership (3P) framework. He also argued that the government made business easier through investment promotion centers, special economic zones, and zero NOC policies.

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