LDA Grants Property Developers 'Free height' Rights  

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15/01/2022 3:16 pm  

As per the latest news reported on January 12, the LDA (Lahore Development Authority) has proposed a new draft rule allowing 'free height' approvals for property developers who will build high-rise buildings to facilitate business in Lahore. The draft proposes changes to the Act on 'Area Development Projects'.

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Once implemented, developers can build buildings up to 300 feet tall in specific areas of Lahore. This requires approval from the Civil Aviation Authority. The draft proposes allowing the construction of buildings 300 feet tall on roads that are 60 feet wide or more.

As per the news information, the LDA has decided to set up an investigation committee to refer area development cases to a governing body. The LDA director-General will chair the committee. Members will include officials from the LDA Town Planning, Transportation Engineering and Planning Agency, Water and Sanitation Agency, and members of the Lahore Chamber of Commerce.

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