Computerized of entire Lahore Land Records  

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29/12/2021 2:54 pm  

According to news reports, the Punjab Land Revenue Authority (PLRA) has completed the digitization of land records at all nine centers in the Lahore district. From 1947, digitization of all land records was completed in order to reduce tampering of land records.

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As per the report, PLRA has created nine branches to digitize land records under the Land Revenue Department and the Deputy Director's Office. The project started in 2017-18 and most of the work has already been done. However, in response to growing complaints about land data manipulation, Deputy Director Lahore Umar Sher Chatha wrote to the Senior Member Board of Revenue Baber Hayat Tarrar about the last stages of the project towards completion.

In addition, all land-related documents such as mutations and transfer certificates will be provided digitally after the project is completed, and manual work will be canceled in the future. Staff familiar with the new system and trained will be deployed to designated centers to issue digital certificates soon.

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