Punjab Urban properties Will Be Digital Soon  

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18/01/2021 3:21 pm  

In this era of digitization, the work of all record-keeping assets was done by the Board of Revenue (BOR). The same work was previously assigned to the Punjab Land Records Authority (PLRA), according to reported news sources.

Although the project to digitize archives has faced many disruptions; However, this project is handed over to BOR for several reasons. You can also observe why because the government wanted to speed up the process.

Additionally, certain governments will work with the World Bank to evaluate these challenges. Therefore, it can be expected that the accounts of the entire multi-storey, industrial and residential structure will be digitized.

During sessions with the media, PLRA representative said there were several ongoing meetings with the World Bank. Discussions were held to move the matter further. BOR, on the other hand, is a designated institution that will act alone with the help of the World Bank.

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