NHA first-ever Digital System just begun  

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18/01/2021 3:12 pm  

E-bidding and E-billing are new digital systems that promote innovation and digitization across the country, as Prime Minister Imran Khan spoke at a recent conference.

Imran Khan spoke about the opening ceremony of the National Highway Authority's (NHA) e-bidding, e-billing, and GIS mapping system. The main goal at this event was to ensure transparency throughout the development of the compensation contract.

He also stressed that the e-bidding will eliminate direct interactions with people that are rarely needed for this coronavirus outbreak. It can also reduce the likelihood of bribery and corruption in the economy. Therefore, when such evils are accompanied, the state can never develop.

In addition, PMs are expected to digitize their Federal Tax Entry (FBR) to make tax collection easier than ever before.

Meanwhile, the Prime Minister instructed relevant representatives to take all possible measures to lower the price of all basic items such as sugar and wheat etc.

The meeting concluded with a major goal to take necessary steps to mitigate inflation, economic deficits and other evils that threaten Pakistan's economy.

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