Pre-Launch Registration Starts of Gulberg 7 Commercial plot by LCBDDA  

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05/01/2022 4:46 pm  

The second auction of seven high-end mixed-use commercial plots of different sizes on Main Boulevard was announced by LCBDDA (Lahore Central Business District Development Authority) Gulberg, near Kalma Chowk, and interested persons were invited to a registration event.

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The plot sold at LCBDDA's second auction is also part of Lahore's announced 'First Downtown in the City, which is offered on a 5-year easy payment plan. The plot is offered limited opportunities to expand business activities in Lahore.

Downtown Lahore's plot application invites genuine investors to select the size of the plot that will most interest them. Candidates provide their registered company name, city and type of business.

SACM (Special Assistant to the Chief Minister) Punjab Mr. Hasan Khawar was also deprived of the master plan. The master plan includes the first organized urban areas, digital and residential city. He also said the project will include amazing amenities such as blue roads, pedestrian facilities, smart trees and an underground transportation system. This also includes uninterruptible power supplies and the internet. The government aims to create up to 2.5 trillion PKR of economic activity in the CBD initiative.

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