Plans underway to convert Wahdat Colony and Mayo Garden into commercial hubs  

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10/08/2021 3:44 pm  

Lahore Central Business District Development Authority, Chairman Imran Amin recently announced the decision of the Punjab government to demolish the Wahdat Colony and Mayo Garden and replace them with residential apartments.

Around 2,500 residents in the Wahdat, mostly government servants, will be given possession of the newly constructed apartments upon the completion of the development.

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Under the new plan, the historic colony will be demolished and replaced with vertical high-rise residential and commercial structures that are socially, financially and technologically feasible. The Mayo Garden, built during the British era, will also be demolished. However, the plan is still in the early stages of development.

According to the chairman, this decision was made with better use of state land and the high maintenance costs of both colonies in mind.

The slum problem of the Wahdat Colony is also expected to be addressed in the plan, and new multi-story low-cost homes will be built to address this problem. According to Chairman Amin, the government will decide whether certain individuals are eligible to participate in the scheme.

Reportedly, the Punjab government established the LCBDDA, launched by Prime Minister Imran Khan, to identify and develop commercial properties in the city.

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