LDA opens bidding on Burki Road, Babu Sabu Interchange Road  

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18/11/2021 7:07 pm  

The Lahore Development Authority has opened bidding for two road infrastructure projects in Lahore, as per the news sources. The two projects include the dualization of the Burki Road and the construction of roads on both sides of the Babusabu Interchange.

According to the report, three companies competed for the PKR 240 million PKR Babu Sabu project, and the Yasin & Brothers company won the tender with a bid 1% below its estimated value. However, Highways Construction won a bid for the PKR 400 million Burki Road dualization project by offering 1% less for the project. Both projects were given a deadline of six-month.

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 LDA invited pre-qualification bids for the construction of roads on both the Babu Sabu interchange and the dualization of Burki Road from the Lahore School of Economics (LSE) to the BRB in September.

On 2nd November, 7 companies were initially qualified for the PKR 400 million Burki Road infrastructure project and 4 companies were qualified for the PKR 242.7 million Babu Sabu Road development project. The project is now expected to be completed within the next six months, with the company winning a bid.

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