Lahore Commissioner's Action Against illegal Housing Schemes Owners  

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23/12/2021 3:00 pm  

As per the news reported on December 20, the city government has been advised to find and take action against illegal housing schemes owners in the Lahore area. Captain Lahore (R) Muhammad Usman Youngish made a team for inspections to find the owners of 60 illegal housing societies.

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After detailed information and evaluation of illegal housing projects, the government has identified 60 housing projects in different areas and sub-districts of the city. Most of the housing schemes are located on Ferozepur Road, Canal Road, Kamahi Road, Bedpan Road and Beki Road.

In a letter to the Commissioner, the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) identified 34 illegal housing schemes on Ferozepur Road, 11 on Burke Road, 11 on Bedpan Road, 2 on Kamahi Road and 2 on Canal Road. As an important measure against such illegal housing societies, the government plans to demolish illegal structures including supply structures built on the site

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