Kings Town's Sector-A Balloting conducted by Al-Kabir Developers | Latest Update 2022  

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07/04/2022 4:40 pm  

A public notice released by Al-Kabir Town management is that they conducted a computerized ballot for the plot in Sector-A of Kings Town. It took place on April 2, 2022. The ballot was held for 3 Marla and 5 Marla residential plots of Sector A.

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In this regard, Col. Pervaiz Ahmed Akhtar, Chief Admin Officer of Al-Kabir Developers also congratulates the lucky ones. The notice also stated that the Sector A plot statements would be mailed to the file holder at the pre-registered address. It runs in the shortest time.

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Al-Kabir Developers is a well-known company in Pakistan's real estate industry, providing luxury and affordable housing. Moreover, Kings Town is also an example of our commitment to providing affordable housing with all top-class amenities.

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