Central Land Records Management in Punjab, $150 Million received from World Bank  

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15/03/2022 4:10 pm  

The World Bank (WB) will provide a $150 million grant to build the 'Punjab Urban Land System Improvement Project'.

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As per the information, the subsidy will increase transparency and improve the ability to tax Punjab land over PKR 400 billion. Land Records Management and Knowledge Technologies acquire $103 million to digitize land registration and survey maps (LRMIS).

Land Housing (LH) will get $3 million to assist in finding, evaluating, and mobilizing low-risk government lands for the development of weather patterns, including sustainable housing. $35.5 million to create a modern land information system (LIS) to integrate and connect rural and urban land data. Currently, Arazi Record Centers (ARC) are being created or expanded, and ICT technologies are used in the ARC.

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