CDA prefers the design of tall buildings  

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17/04/2021 5:07 pm  

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) approved the design of the first 36-story residential building in Pakistan and five multi-story buildings in the city.

The plan was approved at a meeting of the Design Vetting Committee (DVC) of the Capital Development Authority (CDA), which was held under the chairman of the Member Plan.

The conference also approved multi-story development projects covering an area of ​​1.5 million square feet. Pakistan's tallest 36-story residential building will be built on the F-10 Markaz in the city of Islamabad, of which 70% will remain green. DVC has also approved two residential apartments, a school, and two commercial projects.

Building construction will also enhance the city's beauty and make Islamabad one of the developed cities.

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