1,828 Kanal dismissed in Riverfront project  

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18/01/2021 4:06 pm  

The Lahore government has excluded 1,828 Kanal lands located in Mauzas in the Sheikhupura district from the land acquisition process. The process was undertaken for the Ravi Riverfront Urban Development Project.

This action was taken because the number was double entered in the notice issued on January 8th. In accordance with article 5 of the Land Acquisition Act of 1862, according to news sources.

According to a recent announcement by the Commissioner Lahore, the Ravi Urban Development Authority (RUDA) President, RUDA Land Acquisition Collector, and Shey Kupura Collector participated in the session.

In that session, about 1,828 Kanal and 5 Marla of 36,662 Kanal were dismissed from the land acquisition process.

In addition, the land indicated in Lahore was notified through a statement/notification signed by the Lahore Commissioner, District Collector, Deputy Director of revenue, President of the Ravi Urban Development Authority and the Collector of RUDA Land Acquisition. Consists of  2,562 Kanal and 12 Marla of land located in different seven Mauzas.

Meanwhile, the land acquired from the Seven Mauzas was divided into 117 Kanal and 8 Marla, 7 Kanal, 11 Marla, 300 Kanal, 13 Marla, 1,226 Kanal, 573 Kanal, 3 Marla, while totalling 2,562 Kanal and 12 Marla.

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