Three New Airlines Coming Soon To Pakistan  

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04/03/2021 4:19 pm  

Three new airlines have requested general public transport (RPT) permits from CAA to commence flight operations in Pakistan. Three airlines, Q-Airlines, Fly Jinnah and Jet Green, will start operating domestically in the coming months.

CAA has completed research on Q-Airlines and Fly Jinnah, and research on Jet Green is approaching completion.

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CAA forwards the RPT permit application to the aviation department after the investigation process is complete and then requests final authorization from the federal cabinet.

The number of private airlines operating in Pakistan will grow to six with three new airlines. The three private airlines operating in Pakistan are Airblue, SereneAir and AirSial, and Pakistan's flag carrier PIA is the largest and oldest airline in Pakistan.

CAA regulations require new airlines to operate domestic flights for at least one year on three aircraft before working internationally.

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