Sheranwala flyover, Gulab Devi underpass construction after Eid  

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28/04/2021 6:05 pm  

The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) completed the Sheranwala Gate Flyover and Gulab Devi underpass pavement bids to begin civil works on these plans shortly after Eid. According to official sources, bidding was started at the LDA Johar Town Complex, and two companies have been identified as the lowest bidders.

The private firm was declared the lowest bidder at 2.5% below the total projected cost of the Sheranwala Gate project, while others succeeded in obtaining the Gulab Devi underpass project after maintaining a bid price 1% below the total cost of the project.

According to reports, the Sheranwala Gate project, worth 4.9 billion rupees, is planning a 1 kilometer-long flyover from Naulakha Police Station to Sheranwala Gate.

The 400-meter high flyover will solve traffic problems along the circular road, which is driven by approximately 121,421 vehicles per day. The cost includes over 2 billion rupees to acquire 22 private Kanals.

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