Remittances of over USD 2 billion from Pakistan  

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13/01/2021 3:59 pm  

The total amount of remittances overseas from Pakistan by December 2020 was $2.436 billion, up 16.2% year-by-year compared to December 2019 ($2,097 million). It has been observed for seven consecutive months, according to the latest statistics shared by the National Bank of Pakistan (SBP).

Moreover, according to Prime Minister Imran Khan, total remittances in the last six months of this fiscal year have risen to $14.2 billion, a growth rate of 24.9% over last year when remittances hoisted. It calculates approximately $11.372 billion.

Also, the statistics of total remittances amounted to about 26%, as in Saudi Arabia. Besides, overseas Pakistanis living in the UK sent about $624.8 million. Even after inflow from Arab countries, it has reached close to $600 million in the last six months.

Finally, inflow from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) was nearly 21%, while remittances from the UK amounted to $325 million.

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