Pakistan Naya Apartments: 2,000 government employees selected through Balloting  

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21/04/2021 3:57 pm  

Balloting for LDA City Naya Pakistan Apartments took place in the Prime Minister's Office, and Prime Minister Usman Bujdar assigned 2,000 housing units out of the 13,277 applicants by pressing a computer key.

The apartment is worth about 2.7 million rupees, and allottees can also submit a separate application for subsidies. Those getting the subsidy must submit 10% of the total amount as a down payment, and others must have to deposit 21 percent.

The remaining payments are easily paid through monthly installments by allottees after moving into the apartment.

Apartments are allocated to employees of federal and local governments in addition to employees of the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) in the first phase.

He said that submitting more than 13,000 applications for apartments is evidence of tremendous public confidence in projects designed on a profitless, lossless basis.

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