LDA VC issues instructions for initiating planning work on housing plans.  

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20/01/2021 4:07 pm  

Lahore Development Authority (LDA) Vice President S. M. Imran recently ordered the start of a development project for LDA's three housing plans: Mohlanwal Scheme, Jubilee Town and LDA Avenue-1.

According to information, Imran has received a complaint through the Citizen Platform, and the assigned parties have filed various complaints about these three housing plans. As a result, LDA officials recently toured all three project sites.

He also prosecuted officials who delayed the development, procurement or improvement of these projects and instructed them to quickly initiate road repair plans and to put other issues facing citizens and assigned persons as a top priority.

Records show that in all these projects, Citizens' Office plans to undertake development activities, including the construction of a boundary wall to separate LDA Avenue-1 from adjacent villages. The boundary wall will be constructed in PKR 47 million.

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