LDA shares construction updates for underpass, flyover projects.  

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02/11/2021 1:58 pm  

According to news, the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has announced that construction of the Gulab Devi underpass is currently underway at a faster pace.

LDA announced on Sunday that it would complete excavation work for the underpass barrel at Gulab Devi. The contractor was instructed to fully open the barrel earlier, so it can be used for road carpeting and wall finishing.

According to shared details, authorities plan to complete the construction of the Gulab Devi underpass two months ahead of schedule and open it on November 30th. Meanwhile, the overall cost of the Sheranwala flyover has increased by PKR 23.4. million.

The revised cost of the project will be used for road carpeting and servicing. To this end, we have published a separate tender, not included in the project's Project Concept-1 (PC-1).

In addition to the PC-1, LDA has issued a tender worth PKR 180 million for various affiliate services for the Sheranwala flyover project.

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