LDA, proposals for Shahdra Turbo Roundabout, and other projects.  

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18/10/2021 4:33 pm  

The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has submitted three mega-projects to the Planning and Development (P&D) department for approval, according to the news sources reported.

Came up with new projects include repair and reconstruction of Sagian Road, restoration of the Babu Sabu Interchange double highway, and construction of the Shahdara Turbo Roundabout.

After approval from the P&D department, the LDA will propose the mega-project for final approval to the LDA Governing Body, headed by Chief Minister Usman Buzdar.

Reportedly, The LDA demanded PKR 247.3 million for the construction of the road adjacent to the Babu Sabu Interchange, PKR 753.3 million for the repair and reconstruction of Sagian Road and PKR 5.5 billion for the construction and redesign of the Shahdara Turbo Roundabout. 

Additionally, to improve the city's traffic congestion, LDA is currently working on three other mega projects including Shahkam Chowk Overpass, Gulab Devi Underpass and Sheranwala Flyover.

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