LDA has approved PKR 6 billion for development projects.  

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14/09/2021 3:12 pm  

According to news sources, Lahore Development Authority (LDA) Director General (DG) Ahmad Aziz Tarar has approved a budget of PKR 6.34 billion for 282 ongoing new buildings and development projects.

It has been decided to release the funds to minimize non-use of the funds during the 2021-22 fiscal year. According to the report, the chief engineer will be personally responsible for any future lack of funding. Reportedly, LDA was only able to use 22% of its funds in the last fiscal year.

Once funds are released, development work will be completed as scheduled. Here are the details about the project:

  • PKR 128 million to complete major development programs
  • More than PKR 910 million has been awarded to area development programs.
  • 240 million PKR allocated to the EME Board of Directors.
  • PKR 440 million for Buildings Directorate
  • PKR 4 billion has been approved for development work on the LDA city project.
  • PKR 370 million for various road maintenance and development projects.
  • PKR 30.76 million has been allocated for road restoration in the PP-168 area of ​​Haji Park, Umar Park and Mayo Colony.
  • PKR 30.27 million has been approved for road restoration and patching in the colonies of Gulshan, Gawala and Niazi Chowk.

The Gulberg sewage pipeline project with a budget of PKR 80.9 million is one such project. The sewage system will be developed to meet the growing demand for multi-story buildings in the area. Includes all Gulberg J Block I, J Block, C3 Block Gulberg III.

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