LDA approves two new underpasses for Lahore  

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08/06/2021 6:49 pm  

The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has approved two new underpass projects to be developed in Samanabad Chowk and Akbar Chowk in the next fiscal year 21-22 (FY21). This project is designed to address the growing traffic-related problems in the provincial capital.

Additionally, the LDA engineering department has initiated a feasibility assessment for a project redesigning the area's transportation plan. The budget of both projects is 2.4 billion PKR.

According to shared details, the proposed design of the Akbar Chowk underpass includes a double underpass on both sides, as well as remodeling of the Maulana Shaukat Ali Road to improve traffic flow and access to the Kareem Block market.

The project will reduce traffic turbulence and benefit more than 240,000 commuters. On the other hand, the initial idea to build a flyover in Samanabad was rejected due to the Orange Metro route, and an underpass project was approved instead.

Recently, LDA launched three additional mega-road infrastructure projects in Lahore to address the growing traffic problem.

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