LDA approves multi-billion rupee development project  

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01/07/2021 4:20 pm  

The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has decided to allocate 12 billion PKR to complete an ongoing development project in the next fiscal year, news sources reported. Approval of the budget will be sought by the governing body.

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A total of 27 projects will be completed with a budget of 1.25 billion KR. Tasks that will be completed within budget include:

  • PKR 2 billion for the development and construction of missing links of structured planned roads.
  • PKR 2 million for road reconstruction in Allama Iqbal Town.
  • 10 million PKR for construction of 'Joday Pull' intersection in Allama Iqbal Town.
  • PKR 20.5 million for patchwork and reconstruction of Faisal town road.
  • 30.5 million PKR for construction of Johar town B1 and G3 block road.
  • 200 million PKR has been allocated for the construction of the main sewerage from Mohalanwal to Jubilee Town.
  • PKR 1.2 billion to solve the traffic congestion problem in Samanabad Chowk.
  • PKR 2.3 billion for road construction and expansion from Harbans Pura to B.R.B Canal.
  • PKR 760 million for Canal Road Underpass Reconstruction, Remodeling and Special Maintenance
  • 2 billion PKR allocated for gate construction and city entry/exit point.
  • PKR 1.2 billion has been allocated for the remodeling of Akbar Chowk.

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