Changes in the Kareem Block Market Underpass Project Purposed by LDA  

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09/12/2021 6:53 pm  

As per the news, the Lahore Development Authority (LDA) has changed the construction design of the Karim Block Underpass Project, that located in Alama Iqbal town. The main reason is to prevent the acquisition of land already owned by the University of Punjab

The construction of additional barrels of the underpass is purposed in the new design. The underpass will go from Wahdat Road towards the canal and Bhekewal Mor. In addition, the authorities will purchase three Kanal land from the bank, with a total project cost of 2.7 billion rupees.

Read: The underpass and overpass project will be completed by February 2022 by the LDA

There are two choices and one of them is chosen. The first alternative is to build an underpass that will convert signal-free routes at intersections. Here, traffic is permitted from Multan Road to Bhekewal Road.

In the second alternative, a three-legged flyover would be proposed to direct traffic from Multan Road to Canal Road and Bhekewal Mor.

The final project, Concept-1 (PC-1), is sent to the government by LDA Director Mazhar Hussain Khan for approval.

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