CDA: Digital Payment Dues System  

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18/01/2021 2:20 pm  

Now Islamabad residents will be facilitated by paying CDA dues through an online payment system. Dues can be paid through the online internet and banking system.

The Islamabad government will launch an online internet banking system to pay for water, gas and electricity with the help of the CDA chairman.

Customers can pay their charges only by sitting at home while using the mobile application installed or the website of a dedicated bank depending on employee release.

Online payment systems can also help pay property tax deposits. Individuals can also pay dues by applying the prefix 122001, which is ultimately provided by the CDA Property Tax Consumer Number.

Meanwhile, consumers can also pay water and related dues simply by entering 122002 in front of the next CDA consumer number after indicating the 1BILL voucher or invoice ID payment type. Additionally, CDA Chairman Amer Ahmed assumed that he was introducing this initiative just to reduce human interaction and facilitate people.

Finally, delegates said that this groundbreaking initiative is actually a segmentation of a large-scale plan under the CDA, and will facilitate Islamabad individuals to record full dues. So ensuring transparency is another ultimate motive.

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