Al-Noor Orchard Held Grand Ceremony for West Marina Balloting  

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22/05/2022 1:12 am  

As per information, on May 16, 2022, a grand ballot ceremony of Al-Noor Orchard West Marina was held at the Pearl Continental Hotel.

The event kicked off with a detailed presentation by Omer Khalid, General Manager of Urban Planning of Al-Jalil Developers about West Marina's ideas and development plans This block is designed by Surbana Jurong, is a globally well known for urban planning, infrastructure and consulting firm.

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The amazing presentation surprised and cheered the audience by presenting the latest districts, blocks of West Marina and mapping the latest international trends for the first time in Pakistan.

As the host of the event, Khalid Dhudhi, CEO of Al-Noor Orchard, started the ballot with Fraz Hassan Warraich, Managing Director of Al-Jalil Developers. Sara Khan appeared as a guest on the ballot and shared her amazing story with Al-Noor Orchard and West Marina.

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