4G service obtained by DHA Bahawalpur residents  

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17/12/2021 4:10 pm  

On Tuesday, December 14, the Defense Housing Society (DHA) administration completed the first BTS (Base Transceiver Station) tower installed by Zong Pakistan, one of Pakistan's largest mobile phone companies.

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As per the sources, project director Brig Basharat Ali started the project by installing a BTS tower to access 4G services. DHA management has taken an important step towards offering a remarkable living environment in society. The DHA Bahawalpur is committed to delivering on that promise and providing a contemporary lifestyle to its residents.

DHA Bahawalpur and the zong company agreed in November to provide mobile phone service to members of society. They will provide mobile services in sectors A, B, C, and D villas, as per the details.

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