Blue World City Islamabad overseas block prices will be revised  

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31/03/2022 2:32 pm  

Blue World City overseas block prices are expected to be revised by the Authority on March 31, 2022. However,  It is not happening the first time the plot prices of the Overseas block have been updated. Earlier, the plot price of this block was updated many times. This is the most recent event that Authority has considered raising prices.

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This is a great opportunity to buy the property of your dreams in Blue World City Overseas Block. For those who want to buy their own property, Overseas Block is an ideal living destination and has higher returns in the future. Overseas Block has earlier delivered surprising returns to many investors. This is the right time when you should be able to earn a handsome return by investing in the block after March 31, when the price increases.

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Overseas Block provides all the necessary facilities for overseas Pakistanis who want to enjoy the same standard as abroad. This Block is superior to all other blocks in Blue World City. Get world-class living facilities in the overseas block, as well as investors can earn a huge profit on their investment.

You shouldn't wait to see if the price will go up and then invest. In fact, now is the best time to invest in real estate anywhere in Pakistan. Blue World City Islamabad and all its properties are for sale at the best prices. It is an excellent opportunity to invest in the overseas block of Blue World City.

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