Balloting for D-Mall details shared by DHA Peshawar  

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05/01/2022 3:23 pm  

As per the video shared on its Facebook page of the DHA Peshawar, the balloting ceremony of D-Mall was took place on Sunday (January 2).

Honorary Barrister Muhammad Mr. Ali Seth was invited to enter balloting numbers at the balloting ceremony. It is also reported that the process was conducted through a computer software system to ensure transparency.

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As per the project description, D-Mall is a complex project consisting of apartments, shops and office space with advanced facilities. The mixed-use project consists of 3 basement floors and lower ground. The 13th floor is specially designed for the convenience of its residents.

The D-Mall master plan consists of private parking on the 3rd floor, a commercial facility on the 4th floor, a food court on the 1st floor, and offices on the 2nd floor. The project also includes 1,2 and 3 bedroom apartments that give the pleasure of living to the project residents. Future Vision Marketing has signed an MOU with the DHA Peshawar management for the construction of the D-Mall.

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