ARY Laguna's balloting Month Revealed  

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27/01/2021 4:05 pm  

Through Platinum Agents Venture, ARY Laguna Karachi's management announced a balloting month for the ARY Laguna Karachi apartment. The ballot for this project is set for March 2021, but the exact balloting date has not yet been announced.

According to Awais Sattar, ARY Laguna Karachi, Platinum President at Saiban Associates, the administration previously cancelled a payment plan for ARY Laguna Karachi. The revised payment plan will be announced soon.

He also announced that the down payment will be set at 10% and the rest will be paid at the time of ownership by 20% of the total amount. While the remaing balance will be charged as an easy payment of 1% per month.

To participate in the balloting, the candidate must have a verified form. New online application options are no longer open. However, these forms can also be accessed by the project's platinum agent.

After verification, the customer will receive an SMS and email notifying them of their participation in the balloting process.


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