ARY Laguna launches one percent monthly installment plan  

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25/01/2021 4:12 pm  

ARY Laguna management of the ARY Laguna Karachi declared that it would provide a payment plan with a 1% monthly payment method to members participating in the project according to a post posted on the company's official Facebook.

The ARY Laguna administration has verified members' applications forms before the February 10 deadline.

In particular, members have been told that these verified application/member forms are transferable, and forms acquired with PKR 16,500 are worth PKR 50,000 after authentication, and that the balance will be balanced against installment payments.

Besides, an optional discount of PKR 50,000 will also be granted on bookings when members request booking forms along with the specified token number. This number would be adjustable in the down payment if the member is competitive on the ballot.

This declaration is provided as part of the ARY Laguna media teaser project called 'Laakhon ki Baat'.

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