1.26 billion AED invested by Pakistanis in Dubai real estate  

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06/07/2021 4:03 pm  

Dubai's real estate market is currently thriving, with investors from around the world investing billions of dollars in Dubai, UAE.

In the first quarter of 2021, Indian citizens invested around 6 billion AED in the Dubai real estate market, with Indians continuing to rank first for the highest amount invested.

However, British citizens recorded a major investment of around 2.9 billion AED, with Chinese and French citizens investing  1.4 billion AED and 1.3 billion AED, respectively.

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According to official reports, citizens of Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia and Canada also made investments earlier this year.

Al-Burai also said that to get a resident visa in the UAE, you will need to invest 1 million AED in real estate. This is much affordable than investing around 0.5 million euros in the real estate market to get a resident visa in a European country.

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